Overlooked New York is a collection of portraits and interviews with ardent New Yorkers about their joyous obsessions.

It all started with the Puerto Rican Bike Men. I've seen them all my life, but I never knew why these guys would be tricking out their bicycles with flags and horns and fox tails and mirrors. So I tracked them down and painted their portraits and interviewed them. That began my mission to discover the seemingly endless variety of enthusiasms pursued by New Yorkers, whether they were carried from immigrants' cultures from overseas or indigenous to the city landscape.

These are real New Yorkers who have found fascinating ways to unleash their joy on the roofs and rivers and parks and streets of New York.

Available on Amazon, Overlooked New York, the book: 8" X 10" full-color, 184-page book, featuring 68 Overlooked New Yorkers.

I've been an illustrator for a long time, regularly contributing to a variety of periodicals including The Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, The Progressive, The Nation, and The Christian Science Monitor. I most recently painted the poster for the new Broadway musical, If/Then, starring Idina Menzel. You can see my full portfolio on my website, www.ZinaSaunders.com






┬ęZina Saunders 2001-2014

Rooftop Pigeon Coop Guys

Puerto Rican Bike Men

Bike Messengers

Subway Musicians

Park Anglers

Urban Gardeners

Bird Watchers

Model Sailboat Salts

Dance Roller Skaters

Circle Drummers

Amateur Astronomers

River Swimmers

Curry Contestants

Scuba Divers

Kite Flyers

House Boaters

Carnival Costume Designers

Cricket Players

Park Artists

Radio Control Jet Pilots

City Knights

Street Performers


Mushroom Hunters

Animal Lovers